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Our UV Technologies division specialises in UV water disinfection systems, UV Water treatment systems, Online Water AnalysisWater Quality Measuremen…more

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Our Lab Technologies division specialises in automated discrete analysers, continuous segmented flow analysers and sample preparation equipment specifically for use in environmental applicationsmore

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Welcome to Fluidquip Australia Pty Ltd

Since 1995 Fluidquip Australia has been supplying UV water disinfection systems, UV water treatment systems, water quality monitoring and water analysis solutions using the very best technologies from around the world. We specialise in UV and Ozone disinfection systems for drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water, commercial swimming pool water & pharmaceutical pure water . We also offer automated chemical analyzer's for laboratories involved in soil analysis, plant extract analysis, fertiliser analysis, drinking water analysis, wastewater analysis and seawater analysis.

Proudly, we offer the highest level of pre-sale consultation, factory trained Engineers on staff , and service and support anywhere in Australia.

We recommend:

  • Hanovia UV disinfection and water treatment
  • Berson UV disinfection and water treatment
  • De Nora Ozone disinfection and water treatment
  • RealTech UV Transmittance (UVT) portable analysers and online UVT monitors 
  • Bran+Luebbe on-line water quality monitors 
  • SEAL Analytical Discrete & AutoAnalysers for water, wastewater, plant and soil analysis in your laboratory 
  • Partech water quality measurement and sludge level monitoring
  • Block Digestion Systems from SEAL Analytical


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