Service & Spare Parts


  • On-site service Australia wide (Hanova UV, Berson UV and Bran+Luebbe OLM)
  • Factory trained service engineers
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty for Hanovia UV and Berson UV systems (excl consumables)**
  • Local stocks of maintenance parts, critical spares and UV lamps
  • UV lamps supported by manufacturer's replacement warranty**
  • We only stock GENUINE parts
  • Service agreements and breakdown service available

**subject to terms and conditions


Continuous, safe and efficient disinfection when you choose a UV system supplied by Fluidquip Australia.

5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Hanovia UV and Berson UV purchasers can take advantage of the manufacturer's free 5 year extended warranty . Excludes consumables and some conditions apply.

Factory Trained Service Engineers

  • Our investment in the factory training of our service engineers, saves you money and protects your investment. Our service engineer's experience and knowledge will keep your UV system operating as designed by the manufacturer.

Local Stocks of Critical Spares and UV Lamps

  • Fluidquip Australia holds local stocks of all critical spares and common UV lamps, ensuring a speedy response in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Australia-Wide, On-Site Servicing

  • We supply scheduled  and emergency on-site service Australia-wide using our factory trained service engineers.
  • Service Agreements available for set-and-forget servicing. Our Service Agreements  schedule annual preventative maintenance visits , the replacement of consumables at the correct intervals and the monitoring of all aspects of your UV system for maximum performance and early identification of wearing parts.

GENUINE UV Lamps with Replacement Warranty

  • We supply only genuine replacement UV lamps for Berson UV and Hanovia UV systems.
  • Genuine lamps are designed for maximum resilience, with all lamps certified and traceable to national standards.
  • All our replacement lamps come with a full replacement warranty if they fail in under 1000 hours, and a pro-rata warranty if they fail under 8000 hours (medium pressure lamps with initial output below 70%) or 14000 hours (for low pressure amalgam lamps)

Manufacturer DVGW Sensor Recalibration

  • Manufacturers recommend the annual re-calibration and preventative maintenance care of your UV Monitor.
  • Annual re-calibration by the manufacturer is essential if your water business needs to comply with industry validation standards.
  • Annual re-calibration will give you confidence that your Sensors will continue to work accurately maintaining your UV system efficiency.
  • Fluidquip Australia send all Sensors to the manufacturer for factory recalibration and maintenance.

Training and Education

  • Whilst the Hanovia UV and Berson UV systems are known for their ease of use, if you are a company managing multiple UV systems you may prefer to have in-house expertise. We can supply training for all your staff in UV principles as well as the maintenance and management of these systems. Link to more information about Training and Education in UV Systems