Learn about UV lamp manufacturing

Your UV lamp is the heart of your UV system

A major factor in guaranteeing continuous safe and efficient UV disinfection to meet regulation or target is the maintenance of your UV system with the carefully matched genuine replacement UV Lamp.

Fluidquip Australia is the Authorised Australian Distributor 


6 Reasons to Buy Only Genuine Berson & Hanovia UV Lamps:

  1. The UV lamps are manufactured to a fully traceable international UV measurement standard.
  2. There is a  generous warranty with guaranteed performance and guaranteed lamp life, with full replacement delivered to site if your lamp fails in the warranty period.
  3. Genuine Hanovia and Berson UV Lamps (UV Arc Tubes) are perfectly matched to your UV system to give you the longest effective life.
  4. Hanovia UV lamps use Hanovia's UVLUX technology to precisely match each Hanovia lamp with each electronic ballast resulting in extended lamp life, whilst also utilising the latest generation high efficiency long life amalgam technology.
  5. Berson Medium pressure UV systems have an electronic ballast matched perfectly to the Berson UV lamps, reducing "re-ignition effect" and giving you up to 48% longer lamp life- saving you money.
  6. Continuous lamp testing programs ensure further improvements to lamp performance and life on specific applications.

Remember genuine Berson & Hanovia  replacement UV lamps come with performance guarantees, replacement warranties and are designed specifically with features that ensure a long life. Don’t compromise the safety of your water users, buy the replacement lamps guaranteed to maintain your water safety. Buying from the authorised distributor is your only way to purchase lamps with  the full manufacturer's warranty and manufacturer's performance guarantee.


UV Lamp Manufacturing From a World Leader

Hanovia is widely recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of ultraviolet lamps for germicidal and photo-oxidation applications. Hanovia offers a depth of knowledge in lamp manufacture thanks to their history and the continual search for improvements in lamp technology and manufacturing processes.

Hanovia has been manufacturing ultraviolet lamps since 1925, both for their own use and that of other UV disinfection equipment manufacturers.

With a policy of continuous improvement, and an ongoing capital investment program, only best practices in the manufacture of ultraviolet sources is employed.

Recent investments include new rare gas supply and sophisticated analysis systems, reinforcing the ability to maintain the high levels of purity of lamp filling gas. Growing levels of sales meant that new furnaces have been installed, enabling Hanovia to offer us short lead-time delivery.

Hanovia's lamp development is assisted by dedicated laboratory containing a spectroradiometer measurement facility fully traceable to international UV measurement standards. Continuous lamp testing programs ensure further improvements to lamp performance and life on specific applications.