UV Disinfection

Advantages of UV Disinfection

Thousands of drinking water sites globally use UV disinfection for water treatment.  UV disinfection of water is ideal for disinfection, water sanitation and water treatment of all incoming water to ensure contamination is stopped at the source. UV disinfection is an ideal form of water treatment that also allows the re-use of water as well as improving availability and plant productivity without risking the quality of the product. Berson UV disinfection systems for drinking water meet all the major standards such as DVGW, Ö-norm and USEPA. Berson can supply suitable UV disinfection systems for both underground and surface waters.

  • Ideal for primary water disinfection prior to marginal chlorination or chloramination
  • UV disinfection of water is ideal for the total and sole water treatment where water is of high quality and where regulations don't impose a residual treatment.
  • Major UV disinfection installations for large conurbations can be fully automated and linked to a control centre
  • Remote wells or villages can have a simple, fully automatic water disinfection system for their drinking water treatment.

UV disinfection is ideal for drinking water as it doesn't produce unwanted disinfection by-products which can affect the taste, odour or colour of the water. UV disinfection is widely accepted as a viable, environmentally friendly water treatment and water sanitation alternative to chlorination, as microorganisms resistant to chlorine have no defense against UV. The use of UV disinfection in drinking water is now regarded as an important step in the removal of potentially pathogenic micro-organisms. In some cases, such as when treating pure spring water, a simple filter followed by UV  disinfection system is all that is needed. In other cases, when complex carbon filtration water treatment is used, UV disinfection acts as an additional defense. It is known that some micro-organisms flourish on active carbon filters, which themselves become a source of contamination. UV disinfection kills these unwanted intruders, stopping contamination at the source.