Introducing Nuvonic.

A global UV technology solutions provider part of the Halma Group, combining the UV technology of Aquionics, Berson, Hanovia, and Orca to protect people and processes from contamination.

Nuvonic, the result of the unification of the four companies, provides chemical-free full-facility disinfection through advanced UV technology. With a century of combined experience and expertise, the company offers the most comprehencive range of UV-based solutions for water, surface, and air disinfection. By partnering with Nuvonic, distributors, integrators, and OEMs can offer their clients access to these solutions, which will help drive the growth of the global UV disinfection equipment market to a projected USD 9.1 billion by 2027.

"By launching Nuvonic, we are excited to bring a comprehensive range of UV-based solutions for water, surface and air disinfection to the global market," said Alex Langston, Managing Director of Nuvonic. "Being the first of our kind in the industry, we're excited to pave the way for new and innovative solutions that will revolutionize the market and set a new standard for excellence in full-facility disinfectant."

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