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MultiRay For Swimming Pools

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The ultra-efficient UV system for swimming pools! UltraAqua MultiRay medium-pressure systems are designed and optimised for disinfection and chloramine reduction in pools. The MultiRay is also the world’s most efficient UV for swimming pool water.

Scientific research conducted over the last 10 years has shown that during normal operation of a swimming pool the majority of the combined chlorine measured is composed of organic chloramine compounds. Based on this knowledge, ULTRAAQUA has conducted research into developing dedicated medium pressure UV lamps and reactors to continuously photolyze the organic combined chlorine from the swimming pool water to maintain a low level. This led UltraAqua to develop the Multiray medium-pressure UV system optimised specifically for disinfection and chloramine reduction in pools.

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The MultiRay UV Disinfection System is not just the best UV system for your swimming pool, it is the most efficient UV system in the world, and better than the competition!

  • New! UV sensor dedicated for pool water
  • Lamps scientifically optimised for pools and for completed removal of combined chlorine removal 
  • Excellent protection against Cryptosporidium, Giardia and chlorine resistant organisms
  • Electropolished high grade steel or plastic for excellent resistance against chlorides 
  • Energy saving due to electronic ballast capable of lamp dimming based on sensor value, combined chlorine level or timer 
  • Low headloss design - minimises the need for additional pumping. 
  • PLC control module with touchscreen with advanced dimming functionality and all relevant interfaces and connectors available 
  • Double security against overheating 
  • Operating pressure up to 10 bar 
  • Fail proof cleaning operation with proximity sensor 
  • Robust automatic wiper system(optional) - Reduces the downtime and keeps the UV running optimal. 
  • Exact pre-calculation -Scientifically validated design tool for all pool designs determines final combined chlorine result. 
  • 8000h lamp lifetime - Guaranteed lifetime with full payback reduction 
  • Standard systems up to 12kw - Larger systems upon request. 

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UltraAqua UV Disinfection SystemsUltraaqua is a well-established manufacturer of high-quality UV system. Ultraaqua’s design team employs dedicated engineers with research careers of the highest academic level and many years of experience in design and operation of water treatment facilities. With a “keep it simple” design philosophy the focus is to reduce complexity, increase reliability and produce robust UV disinfection systems for high reliability in harsh environments.

Ultraaqua’s UV systems have passed various tests for validation and approval by among others Önorm, DVGW, AMS and IMO. 

UltraAqua product range covers systems suitable for all typical applications such as chemical free disinfection of drinking water, wastewater and industrial process water. UltraAqua also manufactures corrosion resistant systems suitable for special applications such as seawater, photochemical oxidation of ultra pure water as well as industrial and laboratory drainage pipe water where mixtures of acids, bases and solvents are involved. 

UV disinfection systems are available in a closed barrel reactor style as well as an open system suitable for use in channels and gravity flow reservoirs. There is an UltraAqua UV disinfection system option for every application.

Ultraaqua products are installed worldwide.


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