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UltraAqua UV Disinfection

UltraAqua is a well established research based manufacturer of high quality UV disinfection systems for municipal  drinking water, wastewater and industrial water treatment. UltraAqua also manufactures polypropylene UV disinfection systems for use in highly corrosive environments such as zoos, aquaculture, sea water and brackish water. UltraAqua UV systems have passed various tests for validation and approval by among others Önorm, DVGW, AMS and IMO. Large scale UV systems have been installed in more than 100 different countries.

UV systems available in various configurations including: barrel style (enclosed reactor), in-channel and open reservoirs.

NEW! Önorm test results show the validated SSV unit beats all other UV systems in power efficiency, thanks to the patented SwirlFlow technology! 

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PolyPropylene Closed UV System

PolyPropylene Closed UV System

UltraAqua's polypropylene (PP) UV disinfection systems are completely corrosion resistant and ideal not only for sea water and aquaculture, they also have a very high chemical resistance. They are resistant to organic solvent as well as acids and alkalis. Polypropylene has a design stress of 1,000 psi at 22.7  ºC  and is excellent for laboratory and industrial... more »

Stainless Steel Closed UV System

Stainless Steel Closed UV System

THE WORLD'S MOST EFFICIENT UV SYSTEM FOR DRINKING WATER! ULTRAAQUA’s stainless steel (SS) closed reactor UV disinfection systems are built from high-grade AISI 316L steel and are suitable for most water disinfection applications. UV sensor and automatic mechanical cleaning systems are available. There are a range of model options covering a large variety of... more »

In-Channel & Reservoir Systems

In-Channel  & Reservoir Systems

UltraAqua's UV disinfection systems for open channels and reservoirs is ideal for municipal wastewater treatment facilities and aquaculture. The system is modular and can be expanded to treat any flow. It is available in stainless steel or polypropylene for corrosive environments. UltraAqua's chamber systems are also ideal for disinfection of low UVT water- which typically... more »

MultiRay For Swimming Pools

MultiRay For Swimming Pools

The ultra-efficient UV system for swimming pools!  UltraAqua MultiRay medium-pressure systems are designed and optimised for disinfection and chloramine reduction in pools. The MultiRay is also the world’s most efficient UV for swimming pool water. ... more »

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