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Real UV254 M Series Online

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RealUVT Online Meter

The Real UV254 "M" Series provides continuous real-time UV254 analysis. With its by-pass style format it's ideal for most drinking water, ultra pure, and pressurised applications.

Real Tech UV254 Online Monitor

The Real UV254 "M" Series is a continuous UV254 (SAC or UVT) analyser, providing instantaneous organic monitoring.The Real UV254 "M" Series online monitor utilises patent pending Ortho-Beam technology to overcome the inherent problems associated with conventional online UV 254nm instrumentation. The Real UV254 "M" Series online monitor with the innovative Ortho-Beam technology is the world’s most technologically advanced, reliable and affordable real time UV254 online monitor.

Real UV254 "M" Series is an instrument designed to quickly and accurately test the UV percent transmittance (UVT) of any water sample. The UV percent transmittance is measured by the UV lights ability to penetrate through a water sample. The less amount of UV light that is able to transmit through the water the lower the percent transmittance, and vice versa.The effectiveness of a UV disinfection system is dependent on the UV dose that the UV disinfection system is able to deliver to the water. The UV dose can be determined primarily from the combined effects of the UV light intensity, the exposure time of the system and the UVT of the water

The Real UVT254 "M" Series analyser can be used in a number of situations when working with UV disinfection systems.

UV Percent Transmittance (UVT)

The Real UVT instruments are designed to quickly and accurately test the UV percent transmittance (UVT) of any water sample. The UV percent transmittance is measured by the UV lights ability to penetrate through a water sample. The less amount of UV light that is able to transmit through the water the lower the percent transmittance, and vice versa.


There are several areas of the water and waste water treatment industry that require the analysis of the quantity of dissolved organics present in the water. The UVA parameter is an effective measure of the quantity of dissolved organics in water due to the strong UV absorption properties of organic molecules at the UV 254nm wavelength. The UVA parameter can be used for many applications, such as UV disinfection, coagulation (GAC) filtration, water and waste water treatment plant efficiency and effectiveness, chlorination and other water and wastewater treatment processes.


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Real Tech UV254 Online Features

Ortho-Beam Technology

The Real UV254 "M" Series  online monitor’s exclusive Ortho-Beam technology utilises a multiple path length technique to provide many significant advantages.

Continuous Calibration

Ortho-Beam technology is able to provide continuous calibration, allowing for detection and compensation of lamp drift and fluctuations as well as quartz fouling, greatly improving accuracy and reducing maintenance.

The illustration above provides an inside look at the Real UVT Online monitor’s innovative Ortho-Beam technology.

No Need for DI Water Reference Sample 

The Real UV254 "M" Series online analyser's exclusive Ortho-Beam technology works by rotating the UV light source and UV sensor around a rectangular quartz flow cell. Two UV 254nm measurements are then taken at 90-degree angles to each other every few seconds, providing two UV 254nm tests through two different path lengths of the test water.

The UV 254nm water quality parameter can then be calculated by these two measurements alone, without the need for calibration with a 100% pure DI water reference sample.

Since conventional UV 254nm online monitors have to be calibrated to 100% pure DI water reference water, they become inherently prone to error between the time the system is calibrated, to the time the UV 254nm test is performed. This is due to the fact that the system is susceptible to UV lamp fluctuations and drift over time and fouling of the quartz flow cell. Any of these that occur in the typically long time periods between calibrations in these conventional UV 254nm online systems will cause corresponding changes to the UV 254nm test readings, resulting in inaccuracies and ultimately unreliability of the system.

Since these error-causing components (UV lamp drift and fluctuations and quartz fouling), are the same in each direction through the flow cell, they are intrinsically compensated for with Ortho-Beam technology by the measurement process itself.

Continuous Calibration

The Ortho-Beam technology therefore allows for continuous calibration automatically with every UV 254nm measurement that is made, providing many significant advantages over conventional UV 254nm online testing instrumentation.


 The Real UV254 "M" Series online monitor is the proud winner of the People's Choice Award as voted by the attendees at the AWWA ACE 07' show in June 2007. This is a testament to the innovation of the Real UVT Online monitor's Ortho-Beam technology.


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Real Tech Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality UV photometric and spectroscopic analytical instrumentation for the water and wastewater industry. Focusing on developing technology innovations that provide practical, accurate and affordable water quality solutions.

Real Tech has already secured two patents and one patent pending for the core technology utilised in their products and have growing sales in 35 countries and counting. Real Tech has also received the prestigious Deloitte Technology Green 15 award in 2009, 2010, 2011 and again in 2012 recognising Real Tech as one of Canada's leading green technology companies.

Real Tech has continued its growth over the years while maintaining its emphasis on R&D and product development. With the ever growing adoption of our various product lines by major corporations around the world we continue to expand and grow as a leading water industry company.

Visit Real Tech website: www.realtechwater.com

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