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Suspended Solids Monitoring

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Range Incudes:

  1. Portable Suspended Solids Monitoring
  2. Fixed installation (in-situ) Suspended Solids Monitor
  3. Self Cleaning Sensors 

750wPortable Water Quality Monitoring

The 750w2 is the latest water quality monitor from Partech. The Partech 750wreplaces the very successful Partech 740 hand held suspended solids/ turbidity monitor. The Partech 750wis not just for suspended solids/ turbidity, the interchangeable sensors expand the capability of this handheld monitor to allow you to measure a full set of water quality parameters in a single unit. Just like its predecessor, the Partech 750w2is a flexible, rugged, portable monitor. With the capability to store up to ten user profiles, the Partech 750wis suitable for monitoring multiple sites with the one monitor. The Partech 750wis ideal for regular checking of water quality parameters or as a secondary standard to check other on-line and portable instruments


750w2 Features

  • Multiple sensor options for measuring solids, suspended solids, turbidity and sludge blanket levels with a single portable unit.
  • DO, pH and REDOX sensors will be added to the sensor range in 2019
  • Military grade connectors allow you to switch seamlessly between sensors
  • Choose from 4 different suspended solids/ turbidity sensors to cover both higher and lower measurement ranges:
    • 0-200 SoliTechw2 Sensor
    • 0-1,500 SoliTechw2 Sensor
    • 0-10,000 SoliTechw2 Sensor
    • 0-30,000 SoliTechw2 Sensor
  • Internal data logger for up to 500 data points per sensor
  • Sunlight readable display, with backlight for use in low light
  • USB connection for easy firmware and software updates
  • One button spot reading records to a .csv file in the monitor
  • Holds up to 1,000 records, easily exportable via the USB connection
  • Robust IP65 enclosure prevent  impact damage and abrasion of the display surface
  • Supplied with a rugged carry case (room for 2 x sensors), and charger.


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Partech Continuous Online Monitors

With a permanently installed monitor 24/7 trending and alarming is available, giving automated control, improving plant efficiency and providing stability and continuity to the treatment process. Continuous On-Line Monitoring reduces the need for time-consuming laboratory analysis and removes dependancy on manual measurements.

Partech 7200 Monitor 

  • Large character display 
  • Scrolling information bar showing measurement status.
  • Included setup wizards make it easy to configure and run routine calibrations.
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • IP65 enclosure 
  • Ability to calibrate to a laboratory result.
  • Includes statistics for maximum and minimum values 
  • Password protection of the keypad to negate keypad errors.
  • Sensor fault diagnostics
  • MCERTS approved turbidity monitor
  • Range of standard installation options, from a simple handrail bracket, to a package including an outer enclosure, isolator and handrail mounting struts. 
  • Compatible with the following sensors: Turbi-Tech 2000LA, Turbi-Tech HR

Partech 7300 Monitor 

  • Starting configuration has all connections for 1 or 2 sensors
  • Expandable system for multiple sensors (commonly up to 8 sensors)
  • Multiple sensors allows simultaneous monitoring of different parameters (e.g. DO, pH and Turbidity)
  • Advanced serial communication between monitor and sensors preserves calibration and configuration during maintenance or repairs.
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • No specialist training required.
  • Graphic display with trending
  • PID controls
  • Full dosing controls
  • Triple validation
  • Compatible with a range of sensors including: TurbiTechw2 LA,  TurbiTechw2 HR and others suitable for other parameters (download the brochure for the full range of compatible sensors)

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Partech Self Cleaning Sensors for Suspended Solids Monitoring

  • TurbiTechw² LA Sensor- range 0-4.000 mg/l to 0-20,000 mg/l
  • TurbiTechw² HR Sensor- range 0-10,000 mg/l to 0-30,000 mg/l


  • Fully automatic self cleaning, ideal for harsh environments
  • Large optical surface and sample volume ensure reliable representation of the solids present.
  • Deposits of fats and grease on the sensing area don't prevent the sensor from measuring unlike sensors with small optical surfaces.
  • Sensor incorporates a self cleaning mechanism 
  • Cleaning system is designed to avoid problems with ragging and doesn't smear the optical system. 
  • Light attenuation measurement principle
  • Wavelength 680 nm
  • Flexible mounting system

Combine with:

  • 7200 Monitor
  • 7300 Monitor (for multiple sensors and expandability)


Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or


Partech is a leading manufacturer of online and portable water quality measuring equipment. This equipment is used across municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment, alongside general industrial effluent and surface water monitoring. Established for over 45 years Partech has become a trustworthy and reputable name in the industry, developing its core competence and initial offering of optical measurement into a portfolio of products that are designed and manufactured in Britain and established worldwide.

Accuracy and reliability are key with emphasis on a lower cost of ownership, environmentally friendly products and cost-saving. The innovative Partech electronics platform enables single or multiple measurements to be carried out through one monitor, saving on cost and making it simple, accurate and easy-to-use. Above everything Partech is known for our high customer service levels and quality control.

Visit Partech's website: www.partech.co.uk

Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or

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