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PureLine UV System

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Designed specifically for the stringent disinfection needs of food & beverage processors.

Hanovia PureLine UV System

The PureLine range of water UV systems has been designed specifically to meet the water treatment needs of food and beverage processors and manufacturers. Eight decades of continuous development, and working with the biggest names in the food and beverage industries has given Hanovia invaluable insights into the industry's process water treatment and water disinfection needs. The result is the newly released range of PureLine UV systems for the pure, simple and non-chemical disinfection of water.

The PureLine UV disinfection system range includes models to suit every water disinfection requirement:

  • NEW! Pureline UVEO- Unparalleled energy efficient water treatment
  • PureLine PQ-  For high purity food and beverage applications requiring 3rd party validation of disinfection.
  • PureLine D- General water disinfection when validation is not required
  • PureLine DC- For process water requiring dechlorination

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Watch the video for more information about the new energy efficient Pureline UVEO.

NEW! Features Exclusive to the Pureline UVEO (Energy efficient system)

  • 60% less power usage
  • Redesigned chamber to drive efficient and optimum water treatment
  • Redesigned lamp and ballast combination delivers unrivalled power saving flexibility and control
  • Redesigned controls allow for more efficient operating systems which extend the lamp life and provide energy savings.
  • Optimised design treats high flows with only one Hanovia Medium Pressure Lamp for savings in system size and lifecycle costs
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Can be retrofitted into existing pipework
  • Check the UV duty sensor without interrupting the treatment process. 
  • Available with an automatic cleaning system to maintain output efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements.


Features of the Pureline UV Disinfection System Range

  • Chamber seals designed to withstand food and beverage CIP procedures 
  • Available with validation independently tested and validated to the exacting 2006 USEPA protocol following the UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM) guidelines. 
  • Patented UV light protection shutter allows removal of the dry UV sensor without system shutdown. 
  • Accurate UV dose delivery without an external UV transmittance input.
  • Simple replacement of UV lamps without draining the chamber.
  • Chamber materials Certified by WQA to NSF/ ANSF61 for potable water. 
  • Real time data display with event logging, continuous UV monitoring, dose optimisation, continuous display of validated UV dose
  • Modbus and hardwired interface to SCADA systems.
  • Optional dose control is also available on some models.
  • The latest UV lamp technology including the latest electronic ballast for extended lamp life; high efficiency long life amalgam lamp technology; MP lamps. *available on selected models
  • Peace of mind with optional 5 year manufacturers warranty on the UV system*

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 *conditions apply

UV Water Treatment Validation

PureLine PQ- For Validated & Performance Qualified Water UV Treatment. The Hanovia PureLine PQ is ideal for the UV disinfection of food and beverage process water. With 3rd party validation you're guaranteed disinfection performance for every food and beverage process water application.

PureLine PQ gives you environmentally friendly, complete disinfection of process water without compromise!

Watch the Video About Hanovia Performance Qualified UV Systems (see below)


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 About Hanovia UV Systems

  • Hanovia UV systems conveniently fit into existing pipework in most process areas
  • Minimum site preparation
  • Pre-assembled units available pre-wired and skid mounted, requiring only connection to electrical supply
  • Silent operation
  • Can interface with most computer controlled continuous and batch processes
  • Inexpensive and Simple to Maintain
  • Simple and safe operation easily understood by operators
  • Designed for remote operation
  • Replacement of Arc Tubes is quick and simple

Rigorous Quality Control ISO 9001

  • All Hanovia stainless steel chambers and Arc Tubes built to the highest possible standards
  • Every Arc Tube is individually checked and each completed system tested and run before despatch.
  • Test certificates always supplied

All Hanovia UV Disinfection Systems include:

  • Disinfection chamber
  • Arc tube
  • Control/ power supply cabinet
  • UV monitor (optional)
  • Automatic cleaning mechanism (optional)

Why Is Hanovia the Leading UV Supplier?

  • Hanovia has pioneered the use of UV in various applications for over 75 years
  • Hanovia manufactures its own stainless steel cambers, quartz sleeves and arc tubes to the highest possible standards
  • Hanovia is the only system manufacturer which also makes Arc Tubes



Visit the Hanovia website: www.hanovia.com


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Brewery pure final waterEnvironmentally Friendly Pure Final Product Water thanks to Hanovia UV Water Disinfection

Korea's Hite Brewery Company  has installed UV water disinfection systems to help keep the water used in its production processes free from microbial contamination. As part of its environmentally conscious approach to brewing, they have recently installed 25 Hanovia UV water disinfection systems at its Massan and Gangwan plants. The UV systems ensure water used in the production processes remains free from microbial contamination, ensuring a high quality, pure final product.  Read More about using UV Disinfection in Brewing ....

Innovative, 4th Generation Family Winemakers, Brown Brothers use Hanovia UV Disinfection for sterile water.

“Our Hanovia UV system has worked perfectly since we installed it in 2009. We routinely get a zero (bacterial) count after the UV (treatment)". Brown Brothers is one of Australia’s leading family-owned wine companies, with the Brown family making wine in Victoria for over 120 years. Over this time Brown Brothers has established a reputation as one of Australia’s most innovative wine producers. Read more about UV disinfection for sterile water in winemaking..

UV Treatment of Water in the Food and Beverage Industries

In an increasingly regulated and safety-conscious market, the food and beverage industries have to meet ever more stringent standards of quality. Microbial growth due to contaminated water or ingredients can cause discolouration, off flavours and shortened shelf-life. The threat of contamination is further increased as manufacturers respond to demands for less chemical additives and preservatives. Effective microbial disinfection of the whole process is therefore essential. UV treatment of water is ideal for the food & beverage industries. Read more about UV Treatment of water in Brewing...


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