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PowerMon Kolorimeter

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The Bran+Luebbe PowerMon Kolorimeter utilises chemical analysis to automatically determine sample concentration online. PowerMon Kolorimeter continuously measures parameters such as Cyanide, Phosphate, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Redox and Conductivity.

Bran+Luebbe PowerMon Kolorimeter Automatic Online Water Monitor

The Bran+Luebbe PowerMon Kolorimeter is the latest generation, fully automatic, self monitoring, and automatic recalibrating on-line monitor with the ability to monitor several parameters. The Powermon utilises chemical analysis to determine sample concentration and special sensors to measure parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH, redox and conductivity. The PowerMon is also the world‘s first fully networked On-line Monitor.

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Applications include:

  • Continuous Aluminium analysis
  • Continuous Manganese monitoring in drinking water treatment; 
  • Online Phosphate monitoring in waste water; 
  • Online Cyanide monitoring in water used in steel mills;
  • Continuous Nitrate monitoring in river water and others.

Ideal for: 

  • AI3+   
  • CI2    
  • CIO2   
  • Cr6+  
  • Co  
  • CN-   
  • Cu2+ 
  • Fe2+/3+ 
  • Hazen    
  • Mn2+  
  • N2H4    
  • NH4+    
  • Ni2+   
  • NO3-    
  • NO2-    
  • Phenol   
  • PO43+   
  • TP

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Bran+Luebbe Powermon Kolorimeter  Online Monitor Advantages:

  • Up to 30% less Reagent usage than other on-line monitors
  • Better accuracy compared to other on-line monitors
  • Available without a cabinet, making it suitable for rack installation
  • PowerMon can be adapted to different types of sample
  • PowerMon can measure multiple sample streams with automatic stream switching
  • Reduced running costs with lower flow rates
  • Reduced running costs with long maintenance intervals
  • Reduced analysis times through speed-controlled peristaltic pumps
  • Most precise and stable results provided by the high-resolution dual-beam photometer
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Innovative instrument alarm alerts (SMS capability)
  • USB port for data storage options
  • Full network capability including ProfiBus and LAN connection available
  • Up to 100 external sensors can be connected
  • Easy to use with a built-in interactive touch screen

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Bran+Luebbe logoWith more than 75 years of expertise, innovation and application know-how, the Bran+Luebbe brand is a worldwide leader in developing equipment for metering, analyzing and processing liquids. The Bran+Luebbe brand product portfolio includes metering pumps, process pumps, process systems, processing modules, chemical injection systems and on-line analysers. Bran+Luebbe brand solutions are used in a variety of industries including food and beverage, chemical processing, oil and gas, water treatment and others.

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