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Berson Sense T

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UVT monitoring, made simple! Low cost, low maintenance and small footprint UVT measurement. Ideal for inline, open channel or bench-top applications.

Sense T UVT- Transmittance Monitoring

The Sense T is the world’s first UV-T monitor to incorporate a UV-C LED light-source in place of a conventional mercury lamp.

Monitoring UV-Transmittance is an important part of UV system control, and now with the Sense T incorporating a LED light source you can expect extremely stable readings in all conditions, over an extended lifetime. The unique, patent-pending design utilises a single lamp and sensor, eliminating drift seen in designs using multiple lamps and sensors.

With its low operating cost, small footprint, and ultra long lamp life, the Sense T  UV -Transmittance monitor is the perfect solution for reliable water testing. It can be installed directly into process pipes, open channels, or used offline.  The Sense T measures UV-Transmittance automatically and then displays the results on the user friendly backlight LCD screen.

Models available for :

    • In-line process applications- featuring sanitary connection suitable for high purity applications
    • Open channel applications- supplied with a mounting bracket that automatically adjusts for varying water levels
    • Bench-top- Offline version with battery back-up for remote and hand-held use.

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Aquionics is  the North American sales, marketing and service arm of Hanovia Inc, a division of Halma plc. Aquionics incorporates the UV products from Berson – Neunen Holland, also a Halma plc division. Together Aquionics and sister UV companies in the Halma group have been leaders in the UV world since 1924. 


Sense T- UV Transmittance Monitor Features

  • UV-C LED light source provides ultra long life, low running cost, and stable measurements
  • Versatility-online readings in process or open-channel, handheld use for grab sample readings
  • Instant on/ off, with no warm up time
  • Backlit screen displays clear, simple readings
  • Automatic wiping prevents build-up of fouling in all water conditions.
  • Mercury free
  • Ultra small footprint
  • Low power requirements
  • Long battery life

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Sense T- UV Transmittance Monitor Specifications


  • Light sources- UV-LED
  • Wavelength/ Pathlength- 254nm@1cm
  • Range- 10- 100%
  • Accuracy - +/- 1.0%
  • Repeatability- +/- 0.1%
  • Resolution-0.1%
  • Measuring Interval- 60 seconds
  • Power Supply- 24VDC
  • Output- 4-20mA

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Watch the video to below to find out more about Sense T, the world’s first UV-T monitor to incorporate a UV-C LED light-source in place of a conventional mercury lamp.


Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or


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