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List of Our UV Installations

Newcrest Mining- Cadia Gold Mine

Newcrest Mining was very exacting in its requirements for this Berson duty-standby UV system for the disinfection of the potable / process water used at its Cadia Gold Mine between Blayney and Orange, west of Sydney. One of the key benefits of dealing with Fluidquip Australia and its suppliers Berson and Hanovia, is their ability to meet non-standard design requirements. more »

NSW Parks & Wildlife – Perisher & Smiggin Holes

NSW Parks & Wildlife have two Berson UV systems servicing the Perisher and Smiggin Holes ski fields. Both systems have been in place for a very long time and are serviced annually by Fluidquip Australia. more »

Wheatstone LNG project

The Wheatstone LNG project is a massive project off the northwest coast of Western Australia with the senior partner being Chevron Australia. It consists of both an offshore platform and an onshore processing facility near Onslow. Wheatstone exported its first LNG in October 2017 after the project first gained approval to proceed in 2011. Fluidquip Australia provided seven specially designed Hanovia UV systems to Osmoflo – a South Australian-based membrane manufacturer – who packaged the UV systems into speciality potable water treatment systems for both the onshore and offshore facilities. more »

Ichthys LNG project

Located about 220 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia, Ichthys represents the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in Australia in 40 years. As of December 2017, the Ichthys LNG Project is under construction and is ranked among the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. The Ichthys LNG Project is effectively three mega-projects rolled into one, involving some of the largest offshore facilities in the industry, a state-of-the-art onshore processing facility and an 890 km pipeline uniting them. more »

Anglo Gold – Sunrise Dam

Fluidquip Australia was pleased to deliver these UV systems from our Danish UV supplier UltraAqua, to WA water treatment company Novatron for this increasingly important mining application. Sulphate and Iron reducing bacteria are a very big problem for mines that use bore water. These bacteria can be present in bore water and cause severe corrosion in pipework and other steel structures. UV is an effective way to destroy these bacteria, thereby minimising this corrosion. more »

SA Water

SA Water is the principal water authority for South Australia. Its reach spans the entire mainland of SA as well as Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island (KI) is a prime candidate for UV disinfection as surface water runoff is treated and used as the water supply. As farming is a major industry on KI, surface water is at risk of infection with Cryptosporidium oocysts which are resistant to chlorine but are very susceptible to UV irradiation. more »


Seqwater is one of Australia’s largest water businesses with the most geographically spread and diverse asset base of any capital city water authority. Seqwater operations extend from the New South Wales border to the base of the Toowoomba ranges and north to Gympie. Duty-Standby Berson UV disinfection systems were installed by Water Treatment Australia at the Kilcoy WTP in late 2012. more »

Power & Water (Northern Territory)

Power & Water provides water and sewerage services for the Northern Territory. They are responsible for the supply and treatment of potable water, not only to Darwin but also to some of the most remote and isolated communities in Australia. In 2014 Fluidquip Australia (via our partner Hydramet) supplied a Berson UV disinfection system to Power & Water for the disinfection of river water for the community of Katherine, several hundred kilometres south of Darwin. more »

Mundaring DWTP (Drinking Water Treatment Plant)

Acciona Trility Joint Venture (ATJV) designed, built and currently operates the Mundaring DWTP on behalf of its client, The Water Corporation of Western Australia. The plant began operations in 2014 and it will eventually be handed back to Water Corporation in the late 2040s. It provides the water supply to the Goldfields region of WA, including the major mining town of Kalgoorlie. more »

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water provides the potable water supply for the Greater Melbourne metropolitan area. It has a distributed water treatment network of water treatment plants servicing catchments mostly around the Yarra Ranges and adjoining areas. more »

Coliban Water

Coliban Water, centred on Victoria’s second-largest regional township of Bendigo now boasts more Berson UV disinfection systems than any other water authority in Australia. Most of these systems are validated to the German DVGW validation protocol which ensures at least 40 mJ/cm2 RED is delivered to the water being treated. more »

Barwon Water

Barwon Water is centred on Victoria’s largest regional community of Geelong, but also takes in some of Victoria’s most important tourist towns along the Great Ocean Road. It is also Victoria’s largest regional water authority and also has one of the most diverse range of Berson UV systems in Australia utilising both low pressure high output (LPHO) and medium pressure (MP) lamps, configured into both chamber and now channel UV systems. more »

North East Water

North East Water includes some of Victoria’s larger regional centres including Wodonga and Wangaratta. North East Water have a long-standing relationship with Fluidquip Australia and (as of early 2018) have two of the largest Berson UV systems installed in Australia - at the Wahgunyah WTP and the Wangaratta WTP. more »

South Gippsland Water

South Gippsland Water covers the southern-most tip of Victoria and services some of the most picturesque dairy farming communities in Victoria, including those of Korumburra and Leongatha. As a dairy farming district, catchments can be at risk from Cryptosporidium contamination and as such, UV disinfection is becoming an increasingly important consideration for many of the communities in this district. more »

Sydney Water

Sydney Water is Australia’s largest municipal water authority and provides the potable water supply for the Greater Sydney metropolitan area, extending right down as far as Wollongong to the south. Sydney Water’s Berson UV assets are maintained by Fluidquip Australia’s service delivery partner Prime Water, as well as directly by Fluidquip Australia. more »

Crookwell Shire Council

IL450+DW Summit – Installed by Laurie Curran Water more »

Eurobodalla Shire Council

Eurobodalla Shire Council issued a tender for the installation of a UV system into the Southern Water Treatment Plant in 2016. Fluidquip Australia teamed with its trusted partner TWS (formally Ted Wilson & Sons) to provide a solution. more »

The Water Corporation of Western Australia

“Water Corporation” is the principal water authority for Western Australia. Its reach spans virtually the entire mainland of WA as well as offshore island groups including the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island. more »

Mount Buller Mount Sterling Resort Management

Mount Buller is Victoria’s largest and most popular ski resort. Resort Management invited Fluidquip Australia to bid for the replacement of an old UV system in early 2016. Fluidquip invited its trusted partner, AquaManage to bid for the supply and installation tender using the Berson UV system. AquaManage were the successful bidder and installed the Berson InLine 450+USEPA system just before the start of the 2016 ski season. more »

Gunning Shire Council

IL100+WW - – Installed by Laurie Curran Water more »

Wannon Water

Wannon Water covers the South Western district of Victoria which includes the major regional centres of Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton. Wannon Water installed its first Berson UV systems at Purnim and Cavendish in early 2012 followed closely by one at Glenthompson in early 2013. Because water quality can vary seasonally due to the nature of the Grampians catchment, a Realtech M3000 UVT monitor was installed at Cavendish WTP in 2017. more »

Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort

Mount Baw Baw is the closest alpine resort to Melbourne, and as such has been the first snow and alpine experience for generations of Victorians. The resort’s water source is a tributary of the east Tanjil River - an open catchment, high at the top of the catchment area. This natural creek flows into two storage tanks, then via 2 x 150mm pipes it passes through the Hanovia PMD200F UV treatment plant before entering the distribution system for the village. The Hanovia UV system is the resort’s primary disinfection barrier against parasites, bacteria and viruses in the water supply system.  more »

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