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UV Technologies

Our UV Technologies division specialises in UV water disinfection systems, UV Water treatment systems, Online Water AnalysisWater Quality Measurement systems for drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water, commercial swimming pool water and pharmaceutical ultrapure water applications. Proudly, we promise a speedy reply to your enquiry, the highest level of pre-sale consultation, and factory trained engineers on staff for service and support anywhere in Australia.

Fluidquip Australia has been supplying specialist UV water disinfection systems and service since 1995.

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Hanovia assists in treating kidney disease

Purified water plays a fundamental role in the provision of renal dialysis for patients with chronic kidney disease. Ultraviolet (UV) dechlorination technology from Hanovia is assisting in the ongoing treatment of patients with kidney disease at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK.
Hanovia’s PharmaLine DC UV system helps to purify the water used in dialysate fluid for renal dialysis, by lowering the amount of chlorine present.

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Deozonation: The Role of UV Photolysis in a Cell Culture Manufacturing Facility

Deozonation: The Role of UV Photolysis in a Cell Culture Manufacturing Facility “UV light is well known for its disinfection properties, but less well known is its ability to breakdown chemical compounds in a process known as photolysis". CSL Behring is a global specialty biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets therapies to prevent and treat serious human disease. It has manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Germany, USA and Australia, where it is headquartered. As would be expected, it is critical that every part of the manufacturing process is in compliance with relevant safety and quality specifications and all applicable regulations.

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Monitoring Dairy Wastewater

Monitoring Dairy WastewaterThroughout the food and beverage industries, there is a constant requirement to monitor and control wastewater and effluent before discharge from the plant in order to comply with environmental regulations

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Using UV Disinfection For Purified Water in Vaccine Production

Using UV Disinfection For Purified Water in Vaccine ProductionUV disinfection specialist Hanovia has supplied three UV water disinfection systems to the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunming. The PharmaLine PQL units destroy any unwanted microorganism in the purified water used in the production of vaccines. Moreover, these systems can display the verified ultraviolet irradiation dose online, further reducing the risk of microbial contamination. 

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Brewery: Pure, Final Product Water Thanks to Hanovia UV

Brewery: Pure, Final Product Water Thanks to Hanovia UVThe Korean Brewer, Hite Brewery Company, has installed UV water disinfection systems to help keep the water used in its production processes free from microbial contamination. As part of its environmentally conscious approach to brewing, Korea’s Hite Brewery Company has recently installed 25 Hanovia UV water disinfection systems at its Massan and Gangwan plants. The UV systems ensure water used in the production processes remains free from microbial contamination, ensuring a high quality, pure final product. Seven units are installed at Massan and 18 at Gangwan.

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