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No More Goggles!

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Does your pool smell like chlorine? Do you get out of the pool with sore red eyes? Concerned about infections? Hanovia pool UV systems have made these problems a distant memory for thousands of pool owners and millions of pool users worldwide. Take a look at some of our news stories where you will meet other pool owners that have made the change.

The primary action of UV is to kill bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores, thus reducing the risk of transmission of stomach, skin and respiratory tract infections to bathers. UV has an important secondary action: it initiates photochemical and photooxidation reactions which destroys chloramines, a range of compounds responsible for unpleasant smells in pools.

This is particularly important in leisure pools where features such as water slides and waves give a greater surface area for the release of chloramines into the air; UV reduces the burden, making the atmosphere safer and more pleasant. Total to bound ratio of >4:1 are typical of pool water treated by Hanovia UV pool systems.

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