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Thailand Dairy Producer Uses Hanovia UV to Replace Chlorine Water Treatment

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The Dairy Plus Co. Ltd in Thailand has recently replaced its chlorine-based disinfection system with five Hanovia PureLine PQ UV systems- four duty systems and one standby.

Two units disinfect clean-in-place (CIP) water and two are used for treating dairy mixing water, with each system treating up to 130m3/hour of water. Dairy Plus decided to reduce high levels of chlorine dosage throughout the process because it was proving ineffective at removing all microorganisms, particularly in the rainy season. It was also producing an after-taste in the product. 

“Since our UV systems were installed the customer is very satisfied and reports excellent disinfection results,” commented Ying Xu, Hanovia’s Asia-Pacific Sales Manager. “Dairy Plus is particularly impressed by the low maintenance costs, the high energy output of the systems and the fact that the frequency of CIP procedures has been dramatically reduced, meaning less down-time of the manufacturing process”.

Hanovia’s PureLine PQ range of UV disinfection systems is designed specifically to provide validated and chemical-free treatment of process water used in the dairy, food and beverage industries. PureLine PQ provides a time- and cost-effective alternative to standard pasteurisation – it also meets the US Food and Drug Administration’s 2011 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance guidelines.

PureLine PQ uses either low pressure high output or medium pressure lamps to safely disinfect water passing through the system, exposing it to UV light and deactivating any microorganisms present. All systems feature an automatic wiper to automate optical path maintenance, further reducing operating expenses.

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