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Drinking Water UV Disinfection Using Berson InLine+®

Berson supplies dvgw-certified uv systems for drinking water UV disinfection to five german waterworks. As part of its ongoing expansion into Germany, Dutch company Berson UV has won the contract to supply its DVGW-certified medium pressure InLine+® UV systems to five waterworks surrounding the spa resort town of Bad Driburg. All the UV systems are certified by DVGW according to the new norm W294, parts 1, 2 and 3 (2006).

According to the Managing Director of the waterworks, Dipl.-Ing. Mr. R Suhr, "We chose the Berson InLine+® systems because they offered the best performance at the best price."
The advantages of the InLine+® systems are their compact design, ease of installation and their automated wiping systems, which keep the quartz sleeves surrounding the UV lamps clean. The benefits of the automated wiping system are that no chemicals are needed for cleaning and wiping takes place automatically during normal operation, without requiring a by-pass unit. The InLine+® design also means the systems can be fitted into existing pipework with minimal disruption.
"Berson UV is one of the few suppliers in Germany capable of providing a complete range of UV systems with capacities between 10 – 10,000 m3/hour, certified to the newest DVGW, W294 norm," commented the company's area sales manager, Mr B. F. Kalisvaart. "Since introducing our DVGW certified InLine+® systems at the Wasser Berlin exhibition last April we have been working non-stop to keep up with demand from German waterworks. This is proof of the unique features and benefits of our InLine+® range."
Continuing, Mr Kalisvaart added, "We have many existing installations in Germany certified to the older W294 (1997) norm and many of these will be upgraded over the coming year. We have noticed, however, that some UV system suppliers are still offering systems with the older W294 norm, or even with the Austrian ÖNORM. It is not clear whether ÖNORM will be accepted in the future so we have removed any uncertainty by ensuring all our units sold in Germany are only certified to the latest DVGW standard."

About Berson UV
Berson UV-techniek is an ultraviolet (UV) manufacturing company based in the Netherlands and with a worldwide distribution network. Berson develops and manufactures disinfection systems for fluids and surfaces, based on advanced ultraviolet (UV) light technology. Applications are found in various industries: food, soft drinks, drinking-water, hospitals, pharmacy, cosmetics, electronics, chemical industry and for coolant and process-water, waste-water purification and contamination control in brine baths and fish farms. Berson is a part of the Water Technology division of Halma plc. In conjunction with affiliated Halma plc companies Hanovia (UK) and Aquionics (U.S.A.), Berson is a leader in UV disinfection and offers over 85 years experience in the manufacture, application, and development of UV equipment supplied to all corners of the globe.www.bersonuv.com

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