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Severn Trent turn to Partech Portable Sludge Blanket Detectors

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Partech's production team has been working flat out to supply Severn Trent a company wide suite of portable Sludge Blanket Detectors. The order for 380 units is the largest single contract for this type of product in Partech's 48 year history.

Severn Trent made the decision to move away from the traditional dipping tube type of sludge blanket detection alternative for a variety of reasons. These included the safety issues that relate to the manual handling of long, awkward columns of contaminated water in the constricted space available on settlement tank bridges. In addition to overcoming the safety problems, Partech's Sludgewatch 715 is highly repeatable which makes the interface detection process much less dependent on operator judgement.

The Sludgewatch 715 is exceptionally easy to use, with no calibration or setup necessary. All the operator needs to do is give the sensor a quick wipe when the tank has been dipped. There is no need to waste time cleaning out a long fragile measuring column and the measurement itself is carried out in seconds.  Commenting on the order, Area Sales Manager Clive Teobald says "we are delighted to receive this order, our production team pulled together to supply Severn Trent on time and allow deployment of these detector across the whole of Severn Trent".

Find out more about the Partech SludgeWatch 715 Portable for sludge blanket detection.

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