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UV Treatment for Hydrotherapy Pool in Adelaide

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Since installing the Hanovia UV in the Hydrotherapy Pool the therapists and patients at Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital can breath easy. And thanks to the 5 year warranty the management can also breath a sigh of relief!

Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital is located just to the north of the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia. Being a rehabilitation hospital, the hydrotherapy pool at Calvary is a very important component of the rehabilitation therapies offered by the hospital. Richard Tothill, the Maintenance Manager for the hospital prides himself on the condition and upkeep of all the hospital facilities – including the hydrotherapy pool. It was this commitment to excellence that led him to understand the pool required some attention. Richard found that the air inside the hydrotherapy centre smelt quite strongly of chloramines (otherwise known as “combined chlorine”) - the pungent chemical created when the chlorine disinfectant “combines” with the remnants of human activity in the pool. This chloramine odour is not only unpleasant for both the patients and the therapists who run the sessions, but can also be a health risk if inhaled regularly. Richard found some of the staff were complaining of nausea and the hospital had to employ more “hydrotherapy-trained” staff so they could be rotated more frequently. This inevitably led to higher staffing costs.

Richard decided to investigate what could be done to address this problem. “We did a fair bit of research into what could be done,” said Richard. “We looked at ozone, but our research showed that ozone may not be as effective at reducing chloramines as UV (Ultraviolet) treatment of the water.” Whilst researching on the Internet, Richard came across Fluidquip and Hanovia. Richard discovered the Hanovia UV system had been installed by Fluidquip Australia at another rehabilitation hospital in Adelaide, so he contacted them. “Going on their recommendations, I decided to go with Fluidquip and Hanovia and we have been happy ever since! From start to finish I found Fluidquip very professional. The correspondence, the installation – all very prompt” beamed Richard. “Even when a lamp proved to be faulty at the time of installation, it was replaced very quickly. The installation now looks absolutely brilliant.” Now, when Richard steps out on the pool deck he observes… “You can notice how fresh the air smells now. It has been like this ever since Fluidquip installed the UV. Many of the therapists have commented on the improvement”.

Richard also felt the 5-year factory warranty offered by Hanovia was a great feature of the system. “It gives you a good feeling of security”, he said.

Richard certainly seemed pleased with his experience when he commented, “every time I’ve had a question or a need for information Fluidquip was always available to help and respond. I would recommend Fluidquip to oversee the installation of a UV at Parliament House if they ever needed one!”

Hi praise indeed!


About Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital.

Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital is a purpose built 65-bed facility providing inpatient and day patient rehabilitation services. It is a progressive healthcare organisation that is committed to restoring an individual’s quality of life to its optimal level.

Together with Calvary North Adelaide, Calvary Wakefield and Calvary Central Districts Hospitals the group makes up the second largest private health care provider in South Australia.


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