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Wastewater Berson UV Disinfection Case Study

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Two golf courses in Anthem, Arizona, are using wastewater UV disinfection by Berson for water reuse in irrigation. Founded less than 10 years ago Anthem, a town just north of Phoenix, now has a population of over 40,000. As part of its rapid expansion the town recently installed three closed chamber, medium pressure UV system from Berson UV to disinfect its wastewater. This allows the town to not only meet increased demands in its water and wastewater treatment capacity, but also to exceed the output quality standards.

"The wastewater is treated by three Berson InLine systems handling a combined flow of three million gallons per day," explained Anthem's wastewater Foreman Jeff Marlow. "They work in conjunction with microfiltration and nitrification/denitrification. We chose the Berson UV systems because they are optimized to meet the upcoming Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) Permit Program," he added.
The two local golf courses currently use a combination of UV treated wastewater and fresh river water for irrigation, but with increase in population, it is expected that the courses will soon be using wastewater exclusively.
The Berson automatic cleaning mechanism keeps the lamp sleeves free of organic deposits for consistent UV dosing. Each chamber is also fitted with Berson UV monitors to measure actual UV dose for record keeping. With the addition of an optional online transmittance monitor, real time transmittance values are used to automatically adjust the dose pacing of the UV system.

About Berson UV
Berson UV-techniek is an ultraviolet (UV) manufacturing company based in the Netherlands and with a worldwide distribution network. Berson develops and manufactures disinfection systems for fluids and surfaces, based on advanced ultraviolet (UV) light technology. Applications are found in various industries: food, soft drinks, drinking-water, hospitals, pharmacy, cosmetics, electronics, chemical industry and for coolant and process-water, waste-water purification and contamination control in brine baths and fish farms. Berson is a part of the Water Technology division of Halma plc. In conjunction with affiliated Halma plc companies Hanovia (UK) and Aquionics (U.S.A.), Berson is a leader in UV disinfection and offers over 85 years experience in the manufacture, application, and development of UV equipment supplied to all corners of the globe.www.bersonuv.com


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