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Hanovia UV is Easy on Babies Eyes at AC Baths

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No more sore eyes or chlorine smell in the ‘Learn to Swim’ pool since switch to UV.

A new Hanovia UV water treatment system installed in the ‘Learn to Swim’ pool at AC Baths in Taupo has made swimming a much more pleasant experience for babies, children and instructors.
“Since we installed the UV system combined chlorine levels have been reduced from as much as 1.2ppm to 0.1 ppm or even less,” said AC Baths Manager Virginia Munro. “The pool is now much nicer to swim in – the kids don’t come out with sore eyes and smelling of chlorine and the water is also much clearer. Feedback from parents and staff regarding the pool environment has also been very positive”.
Other benefits of the Hanovia UV system include reduced running costs and reduced maintenance. Also, the regular replacement of fresh water, commonly required with a standard, chlorine-based treatment regime, is much reduced. “We see this as a positive improvement, not just environmentally but also as a cost saving exercise,” added Ms Munro.
Because of the success of the Learn to Swim pool unit, AC Baths has ordered a larger Hanovia UV system for the indoor/outdoor leisure pool.

UV is well known for reducing combined chlorines, the unpleasant chemicals formed when chlorine combines with the organic compounds deriving from human use of the water. Combined chlorines are also responsible for cloudy, murky water and are very corrosive of metal building structures.
The UV unit installed at AC Baths is a Hanovia medium pressure PSP UV system, supplied by Davey Water Products, capable of treating up to 200 m3/hour, based on a UV dose of 60 mJ/cm2. Automatic wipers keep the quartz sleeves housing the UV lamps clean, so the only regular maintenance is an annual service at which the UV lamp is changed. In addition, Hanovia systems are compact and can usually be installed within existing pipework, making installation a straightforward process.

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