UV & Ozone Technologies

Fosterville Gold Mine

Fosterville Gold Mine near Bendigo in Victoria has utilised the same Hanovia UV system supplied by Fluidquip Australia since circa 2005. The system is used to treat process water for reuse. At 21 kW and 6 lamps, this is the most powerful of the dozens of Hanovia installations throughout Australia. This high-powered system is required to treat quite high flows of relatively poor quality water. Fluidquip Australia is very experienced when it comes to the treatment of both reuse and potable water for mining applications, having over a dozen systems utilised for both mining and oil & gas installations throughout Australia – even on off-shore platforms.

Fluidquip Australia also fully maintains the Fosterville Gold Mine UV system. Six-monthly service visits are required due to the arduous, mission-critical duty. Fosterville Gold Mine’s Hanovia reuse UV assets are as follows:

1      x  PMD320K/6 – Reuse


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