UV & Ozone Technologies

Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort

Mount Baw Baw is the closest alpine resort to Melbourne, and as such has been the first snow and alpine experience for generations of Victorians. The resort’s water source is a tributary of the east Tanjil River - an open catchment, high at the top of the catchment area. This natural creek flows into two storage tanks, then via 2 x 150mm pipes it passes through the Hanovia PMD200F UV treatment plant before entering the distribution system for the village. The Hanovia UV system is the resort’s primary disinfection barrier against parasites, bacteria and viruses in the water supply system. 

The Hanovia UV has been in place since 2007 and has proven to be extremely user friendly. “The UV is relatively maintenance free, we have it serviced once a year, which involves a lamp change and a wiper replacement. It’s reasonably cost effective, even considering electricity is expensive here, but it’s a small overhead to incur for providing very high quality water to our guests” says Scott Goss, Deputy Group Manager of Outdoor Operations, Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort. Mount Baw Baw’s Hanovia potable UV assets are as follows:

1 x PMD200F

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