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Wannon Water

Wannon Water covers the South Western district of Victoria which includes the major regional centres of Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton. Wannon Water installed its first Berson UV systems at Purnim and Cavendish in early 2012 followed closely by one at Glenthompson in early 2013. Because water quality can vary seasonally due to the nature of the Grampians catchment, a Realtech M3000 UVT monitor was installed at Cavendish WTP in 2017.

The Wannon Water UV systems are a very good example of UV systems selected specifically for low UVT water. It is important that the water quality experienced in all seasons is accounted for when sizing and selecting a UV system. Cavendish in particular is a township with a relatively small number of connections, however a reasonably powerful UV system was required to cope with the high-tannin water that can be experienced at certain times of year. Wannon Water’s Berson potable UV assets are as follows:

1 x IL1450+USEPA – Cavendish WTP + Realtech M3000 on-line UVT monitor

1 x IL1450+USEPA – Purnim WTP

1 x IL1450+USEPA – Glenthompson WTP

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