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North East Water

North East Water includes some of Victoria’s larger regional centres including Wodonga and Wangaratta. North East Water have a long-standing relationship with Fluidquip Australia and (as of early 2018) have two of the largest Berson UV systems installed in Australia - at the Wahgunyah WTP and the Wangaratta WTP.

The InLine 12000+USEPA system installed at Wangaratta WTP in November 2017 is capable of treating up to 500 l/s while achieving 3-log inactivation of Cryptosporidium. AquaManage – a long-standing and trusted partner of Fluidquip Australia installed the Berson UV at Wangaratta as well as three smaller UVs at Walwa, Oxley and Moyhu as part of the same project. North East Water’s Berson potable UV assets are as follows:

1 x IL4000+USEPA – Wahgunyah WTP + Realtech M3000 on-line UVT monitor

1 x Proline 0027+USEPA – Whitfield WTP

1 x Proline 0116+USEPA – Oxley WTP

1 x Proline 0116+USEPA – Moyhu WTP

1 x Proline 0116+USEPA – Walwa WTP

1x IL12000+USEPA – Wangaratta WTP + Realtech M3000 on-line UVT monitor

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