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Barwon Water

Barwon Water is centred on Victoria’s largest regional community of Geelong, but also takes in some of Victoria’s most important tourist towns along the Great Ocean Road. It is also Victoria’s largest regional water authority and also has one of the most diverse range of Berson UV systems in Australia utilising both low pressure high output (LPHO) and medium pressure (MP) lamps, configured into both chamber and now channel UV systems.

The Berson system at Moorabool WTP, for example is used to disinfect supernatant water from the backwash clarifier which is then returned to the head of the WTP. Supernatant return (which minimises water wastage) is becoming an increasingly important disinfection target for many water authorities so as to eliminate the high concentration of pathogens that would otherwise be present in supernatant return water. Most Barwon Water WTPs have a Realtech on-line UVT monitor, with two sites utilising Realtech’s unique dual-steam module which allows sampling from two different locations with the one monitor – to monitor pre and post filter to optimise filter performance for example. Barwon Water’s Berson potable UV assets are as follows:

1 x PMD200E – Colac WTP

1 x AF3-0051 – Gellibrand WTP + Realtech M3000 dual steam on-line UVT monitor

1 x AF3-0051 – Forrest WTP + Realtech M3000 dual steam on-line UVT monitor

1x IL1000+USEPA – Moorabool WTP + Realtech M3000 on-line UVT monitor


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