UV & Ozone Technologies

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water provides the potable water supply for the Greater Melbourne metropolitan area. It has a distributed water treatment network of water treatment plants servicing catchments mostly around the Yarra Ranges and adjoining areas.

Melbourne Water have been utilising Hanovia / Berson UV systems (Hanovia, Berson’s sister company, supplied potable UV systems in the past) for more than a decade at its Upper Yarra and Martyr Road water treatment plants. More recently, Melbourne Water purchased three Realtech M3000 UVT monitors for its two largest water treatment plants - Tarago & Winneke. Melbourne Water’s Hanovia / Berson / Realtech potable UV / UVT assets are as follows:

3 x PMD320E – Martyr Road WTP

2 x PMD320E – Upper Yarra WTP

1 x M3000 UVT monitor – Tarago WTP

2 x M3000 UVT monitors – Winneke WTP

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