UV & Ozone Technologies

Mundaring DWTP (Drinking Water Treatment Plant)

Acciona Trility Joint Venture (ATJV) designed, built and currently operates the Mundaring DWTP on behalf of its client, The Water Corporation of Western Australia. The plant began operations in 2014 and it will eventually be handed back to Water Corporation in the late 2040s. It provides the water supply to the Goldfields region of WA, including the major mining town of Kalgoorlie.

The Mundaring weir itself is in the hills just to the west of Perth, but the treated water is then carried via pipeline some 530 kms to the Goldfields, making it possibly the longest treated water pipeline in the world. ATJV’s Berson potable UV assets at Mundaring DWTP are as follows:

6 x IL4250+DW Summit – Raw Water (contingency)

2 x IL1000+DW Summit – Supernatant Return

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