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QuAAtro - Chemistry Analyzer

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SEAL Analytical

The QuAAtro is a microflow system that uses the principles of continuous segmented flow analysis:  high throughput - 3000+ results per day; low reagent use; ultra low detection limits and less than 1ul reagent use per sample.

USEPA, ASTM, ISO, AOAC, DIN, CORESTA and other international regulatory compliant methods.

QuAAtro39 Continuous Segmented Flow Analyser

The QuAAtro39 is a high performance Microflow Analyser and is the latest generation of the original world-class Technicon AutoAnalyser systems. The QuAAtro AutoAnalyser uses the principles of Continuous Segmented Flow Analysis which offer:  high throughput - 3000+ results per day; low reagent use; ultra low detection limits and less than 1ul reagent use per sample.

The QuAAtro39 AutoAnalyser is the world's most automated continuous segmented flow analyser with: microflow hydraulics, heated manifolds, high resolution detectors and advanced software. The QuAAtro39 also supports Multitest Manifolds to save you time, maintenance and money. Multitest Manifolds allow you to test for different nutrients with no hardware changes.


The result... Reduced operator time ... Lower Training Costs ... System Checks its own performance ... low detection limits and high reproducibility.

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Advantages of the QuAAtro39 Segmented Flow Analyser

  • QuAAtro39 uses micro flow hydraulics, enabling high sample rates with low sample and reagent consumption.
  • QuAAtro39 is ideal for water and seawater analysis when high-throughput and ultra-low detection limits are required
  • USEPA, ASTM, ISO, AOAC, DIN, CORESTA and other regulatory compliant methods are available
  • One click start-up
  • Reliable unattended operation
  • Automatic performance checks before, during and after a run
  • Can generate more than 1,000 results per day
  • Multi-test manifolds for different nutrients with no hardware changes
  • 5 channel seawater QuAAtro available
  • Easily transportable

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USEPA, ASTM, ISO, AOAC, DIN, CORESTA and other international regulatory compliant methods.

QuAAtro Segmented Flow Analyser Features

Microflow Technology - 1mm ID Glass

QuAAtro is a microflow system, the internal diameter of all glassware being 1mm. This reduces reagent consumption and increases throughput, with most methods running 100 – 120 samples hour. The optimal bubble frequency for each method is programmed by silent air valves to improve flow stability.

Manifolds and Detectors are Heated to 370 Degrees C

The integrated enclosed manifold and detector share the same temperature control system and are heated to 37º C. This reduces ownership cost and increases ease of use. It also means the system is not as susceptible to changes in environmental temperature. High temperature heating baths, distillation and dialyzers are available for methods that require them.

Automated Start-up and Shut-down

QuAAtro is designed to make life as easy as possible - with automatic start-up, automatic run-time monitoring and automatic shutdown.

High Resolution Digital Photometer

  • Ultra Low Detection Limits
  • UV Optimised
  • 24 bit digital resolution
  • optional LED Light Sources
  • Bubble through the flowcell technology

Heated Chemistry Manifold

  • No Need for Heating Baths
  • Micro-flow Hydraulics - 1mm ID Glass
  • Low waste
  • Fast Chemistries
  • Glass allows easy visual check

High Precision Peristaltic Pump

  • 3 speed pump
  • 30 pump tube positions
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Easily replaceable Platens
  • High Precision Pump Rollers
  • 4 chemistries on one console

QuAAtro Liquid Autosamplers

  • Available in different sizes
  • Add samples at any time
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Various rack sizes
  • Fast and Robust
  • Dedicated standards location
  • 4 chemistries on one console

QuAAtro AutoAnalyser Software (AACE)

  • LIMS compatible
  • Intuitive - Easy to use
  • Add samples at any time
  • Standard and GLP versions
  • Easy QuAAtro system control
  • Quality Control features

Multi-test Manifolds

  •  Multitest Manifolds allow the testing of different nutrients without hardware exchange.

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Methods For Analysing Water, Wastewater, Seawater & Low Level Water

SEAL has an extensive library of methods for analysing water, wastewater, seawater and low level water, that give you the best reproducibility and the lowest detection limits. SEAL also supplies a wide range of Multi-test Manifolds which allows you to analyse a large number of different parameters with a single channel system.

SEAL AutoAnalyser methods are fully compatible to USEPA, AOAC and ISO standard methods. The list below is a partial list of Multi-test methods, please contact us if you don't see the application you are interested in.

Link to QuAAtro Multi-test methods and detection limits.

  • Alkalinity
  • Ammonia 
  • Calcium
  • Chloride 
  • Cyanide
  • Hardness 
  • Nitrate/Nitrite 
  • Nitrite 
  • Nitrogen (Total Kjeldahl)
  • Phenol
  • Phosphate 
  • Phosphorus (Total Kjelhdal)
  • Silicate

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Seal analytical logoSEAL Analytical Limited is a UK based developer of automated wet chemistry discrete analysers for use in environmental and industrial laboratories.  SEAL has over 25 years experience with automated discrete analysis.  Visit www.seal-analytical.com

In 2002, SEAL formed a wholly owned US subsidiary based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to promote the sales of wet chemistry discrete analysers in the US and Canada.  Subsequent to this, SEAL's international roll-out continued with distributors being approved in European and Asian Pacific countries.

In 2004, SEAL became the exclusive distributor of Bran+Luebbe Continuous Flow Analysers in the USA, UK and Ireland.

In November 2006, SEAL completed the acquisition of the Bran+Luebbe Continuous Flow Analyser (CFA) and Near InfraRed  (NIR)  Analyser businesses.   This brings together over 50 years of CFA analysis experience of B+L , formally Technicon Industrial Systems, with SEAL's 25 year track record in discrete analysis, allowing SEAL to offer a truly complimentary solution in Automated Chemical Analysis for environmental and industrial laboratories throughout the world.

In August 2008, SEAL joined the Porvair group of companies. Porvair is a specialist filtration and environmental technology group.  This will allow SEAL to continue its dynamic growth  and success worldwide.

Visit SEAL Analytical website: www.seal-analytical.com

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