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Discrete Analyser AQ400

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SEAL Analytical

The AQ400 Discrete Analyser from SEAL Analytical will bring increased speed, capacity, flexibility and reproducibility  to your analysis.

See also AQ300 Discrete Analyser for smaller labs, with less throughput and less space.

AQ400 Discrete Analyser

The AQ400 Discrete Analyser has been designed by SEAL Analytical chemists, manufactured in the USA and produced specifically to meet laboratory's environmental analytical chemistry needs.  The AQ400  is suitable for laboratories requiring very high speed analysis and lower detection limits.

Choose the best Discrete Analyser for your laboratory.



Compact bench-top analyser for environmental laboratories


Highest speed and capacity. Lower detection levels.

Simultaneous Chemistries 1-14 1-14
Tests Programmable Per Sample YES YES
Test Capacity 180 216
Cadmium Coil Optional Integrated
Standalone Spectrophotometer NO YES
Total Volume Per Test 500-700 μL (sample & reagent) 500-700 μL (sample & reagent)
Sampling Rate Subject to chemistry Subject to chemistry
Sample Blanking YES YES
Add Samples After Run Commenced YES YES
Sample Trays (removable) 57 & 97 positions 80 & 120 positions
Sample Consumption 2-500 μL 2-500 μL
Sample Cup Sizes 1.2 mL, 2 mL 1.2 mL, 2 mL, 5 mL
Sampling Arms 1 2
Reagent Capacity 18 26
Reagent Cooling YES YES
Reagent Volume 10-500 μL 10-500 μL
Reagent Wells Disposable Disposable
Reagent Monitoring Automatic Automatic
Reagent Level Sensing Optional YES
Auto Start Up/ Shut-down YES YES
Auto Dilution YES YES
Auto Spike Preparation YES YES
Auto Standard Preparation YES YES
Segregated Wash Waste YES YES


 Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or 0061 2 4735 5054 (from NZ) or

Here is why you will want to add the AQ400 discrete analyser to your laboratory:

  1. Working standards produced from stock solution
  2. Up to 10 working standards for the calibration curve
  3. A longer path length (optional). 1cm path length supplied standard
  4. Elimination of carry-over and cross contamination
  5. Lower detection limits
  6. Automatic dilution pre and post run on samples
  7. Programmable tests per sample
  8. Reduced analysis time
  9. An analyser that can also be used as a standalone spectrophotometer-e.g. for COD
  10. Completely unattended operation (ideal for overnight programmed runs)
  11. The ability to add samples after a run has started
  12. Ultra-low reagent consumption
  13. Cooled and non-cooled reagent positions
  14. Easier maintenance & easy change syringe.


Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or 0061 2 4735 5054 (from NZ) or


A Discrete Analyser With EPA Compliant Methods

  • All SEAL Discrete Analysers are supported by an extensive library of methods specifically for environmental analysis .
  • SEAL Analytical has individual letters of approval for SEAL Discrete Analyser environmental methods, with the letters stating the methods are acceptable for both wastewater and drinking water compliance monitoring
  • Link to Discrete Analyser methods (this link takes you to SEAL Analytical's website in a new window)

Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or 0061 2 4735 5054 (from NZ) or


How Does the AQ400 Discrete Analyser Work?

  • A robust sampling arm works in conjunction with a stepper motor-driven syringe that is responsible for aspirating, dispensing and mixing accurate and precise quantities of sample & reagent in miniaturised test tubes (reaction wells).
  • The sample and reagent are incubated in the reaction wells for a pre-programmed time. A single aliquot is transferred into a 10mm, 100% optical glass cuvette, with the absorbance read on the stationary reactant to ensure the best possible signal to noise ratio.
  • A second robotic arm moves reactant/ sample from the reaction wells to the detection area. The sample is always read in the same position in front of the detector, in the same glass cuvette, eliminating issues of scratching and reaction well variability found with direct read systems. As the liquid is moved, not the tray, fewer moving parts means higher reliability.
  • Supplied standard methods have optimised reaction times ensuring the reaction is brought to completion. The complete reaction emulates the manual & segmented flow methods and ensures the lowest detection limits and good reproducibility.
  • After the absorbance is read, the glass cuvetted is thoroughly cleaned and checked ensuring no carry-over or cross contamination.
  • With the patented probe flusher, water from the wash bottle is pumped through the probe flusher as the probe moves up and down through it to clean the outside before dipping in the next liquid.


Contact us on 02 4735 5054 or 0061 2 4735 5054 (from NZ) or

Seal analytical logoSEAL Analytical Limited is a UK based developer of automated wet chemistry discrete analysers for use in environmental and industrial laboratories.  SEAL has over 25 years experience with automated discrete analysis.  Visit www.seal-analytical.com

In 2002, SEAL formed a wholly owned US subsidiary based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to promote the sales of wet chemistry discrete analysers in the US and Canada.  Subsequent to this, SEAL's international roll-out continued with distributors being approved in European and Asian Pacific countries.

In 2004, SEAL became the exclusive distributor of Bran+Luebbe Continuous Flow Analysers in the USA, UK and Ireland.

In November 2006, SEAL completed the acquisition of the Bran+Luebbe Continuous Flow Analyser (CFA) and Near InfraRed  (NIR)  Analyser businesses.   This brings together over 50 years of CFA analysis experience of B+L , formally Technicon Industrial Systems, with SEAL's 25 year track record in discrete analysis, allowing SEAL to offer a truly complimentary solution in Automated Chemical Analysis for environmental and industrial laboratories throughout the world.

In August 2008, SEAL joined the Porvair group of companies. Porvair is a specialist filtration and environmental technology group.  This will allow SEAL to continue its dynamic growth  and success worldwide.

Visit SEAL Analytical website: www.seal-analytical.com

Contact us on 02 4735 5054

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