Laboratory Technologies

Laboratory Technologies

Our Lab Technologies division specialises in automated discrete analysers, continuous segmented flow analysers and sample preparation equipment specifically for use in environmental applications. Used world-wide in laboratories involved in drinking water analysis, wastewater analysis, soil analysis, plant extract analysis, fertiliser analysis and seawater analysis. Proudly, we promise a speedy reply to your enquiry, the highest level of pre-sale consultation, and factory trained engineers on staff for service and support anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact us on 02 4735 5054 (or 00 61 2 4735 5054 from NZ) or

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Behind the Success of Townsville Laboratory Services

Behind the Success of Townsville Laboratory Services Success takes experience, resourcefulness and extra effort.

Situated in North Queensland is a laboratory that started 35 years ago as a council laboratory monitoring the city's potable and wastewater systems. Add in NATA and ISO accreditation, and a subsequent business decision to market excess capacity to surrounding smaller councils and the business community, and this once small council lab now generates over 1 million dollars annually from external client’s analysis.

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2018 Spring Newsletter for Users of SEAL Automated Lab Analysers

2018 Spring Newsletter for Users of SEAL Automated Lab AnalysersDistributed September 2018

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Australian Institute of Marine Science

Australian Institute of Marine Science40 Years Monitoring the Great Barrier Reef.

Since 1972, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), a Commonwealth statutory authority, has monitored the water quality and the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Their 40 years of data and environmental intelligence quantifies the changes in the reef over time and also helps in the contextual understanding of the natural and human pressures the reef is experiencing today. Research conducted at AIMS is crucial to monitoring the reef as well as informing government policy

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AutoAnalyser 3- the First Choice in Seawater Analysis

AutoAnalyser 3- the First Choice in Seawater AnalysisEvery month Researchers from University of Hawaii, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) venture to the deep-water station ALOHA with their AutoAnalyser 3.
The Researchers journey to ALOHA (A Long-Term Oligotrophic Habitat Assessment; 22o 45’N, 158o 00’W) located 100km north of Oahu, Hawaii to observe the hydrography, chemistry and biology of the water column. Like many others in the Seawater community they trust their analysis to their on-board SEAL AutoAnalyser 3 (AA3).

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