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Key Aspects of USEPA, UVDGM & German DVGW Validation Protocols (A Comparison)

Who is permitted to carry out the UV system validation? Anyone who can prove that the validation protocol outlined in the UVDGM has been followed Only a DVGW certified facility
What is the result of the validation procedure? A detailed report proving the UVDGM protocol has been followed Certification of the validated UV system
What UV dose is required to achieve validation? As much as is required to inactivate a given pathogen by a specified log reduction. (see the section on UV Lamp Characteristics Comparison) 40mj/cm2 RED. This is based on the principal that almost all common water-borne pathogens will experience at least a 4-log reduction at this dose. DVGW don't care about the pathogen or the log reduction, they believe a UV dose of 40mj/cm2 is enough to inactivate most "bugs" by 4 log, and so they only require the UV system to deliver this dose.


Note: This table compares these two validation protocols. It is important to recognise that this table is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather it is intended to compare some of the most fundamental aspects of the two protocols. 



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