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Berson UV-techniek is an ultraviolet (UV) manufacturing company based in Nuenen, the Netherlands and has been established since 1972.  Visit the Berson website: www.bersonuv.com

Berson develops and manufactures disinfection systems for fluids and surfaces, based on advanced ultraviolet (UV) light technology. Applications are found in various industries: food, soft drinks, drinking-water, hospitals, pharmacy, cosmetics, electronics, chemical industry and for coolant and process-water, waste-water purification and contamination control in brine baths and fish farms. 

Berson UV has a worldwide distribution network to meet the need for ultraviolet technology. Sales and service are provided by factory trained technicians who ensure that the highest standards of service are provided locally. 
Berson is a part of the Water Technology division of Halma plc. Halma plc is a manufacturing group that specializes in the manufacture and sale of electronics products. It employs over 3000 people in 6 specialist business groups on 4 different continents and has an unrivalled reputation for excellence in product development, global sourcing and cash generation. In conjunction with affiliated Halma plc companies Hanovia (UK) and Aquionics (U.S.A.), Berson is leading in UV disinfection and offers over 85 years experience in the manufacture, application, and development of UV equipment supplied to all corners of the globe.

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Berson UV Disinfection

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