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Since 1995 Fluidquip Australia has been supplying UV disinfection, water disinfection and water quality monitoring solutions using the very best water treatment technologies from around the world. We proudly distribute Hanovia, Berson, UltraAqua and De Nora UV and Ozone disinfection systems for disinfection, deozonation, dechloramination, and dechlorination. The UV disinfection systems we distribute have been used in dozens of commercial applications throughout the world including for: drinking water, wastewater, seawater, brackish water, recycled grey water, aquaculture, food & beverage process water and syrups, pharmaceutical process water as well as dozens of installations in commercial swimming pools throughout Australia. Fluidquip Australia also exclusively distributes a range of discrete analysers, water and wastewater analysers, on-line water quality monitors and water quality sensors. Our range of technologies include:

-          Hanovia UV disinfection systems

-          Berson UV disinfection systems

-          UltraAqua UV disinfection systems

-          De Nora Ozone disinfection systems

-          Real Tech UVT monitoring- portable monitors, inline and online monitors

-          Bran+Luebbe on-line water quality monitors

-          Partech in situ and portable water quality sensors

-          SEAL Analytical Discrete Analysers for environmental laboratories

-          SEAL Analytical Block Digestion Systems 

Fluidquip Australia boasts an impressive client base of satisfied customers. This is testament not only to our skills in project design, supply, installation and project management, but also to our reputation for after sales service and support. Because Fluidquip Australia specialises in a small but focused technology base, our knowledge of the technologies we represent is exceptionally thorough.

Fluidquip Australia is a company you can trust to deliver clean, environmentally friendly UV disinfection for water and water monitoring solutions - pure and simple.

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