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Sludge Level Sensors

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Soli-Tech 20v2 Sensors and Infrared Sensors

A range of sensors are available for use with sludge level monitoring instruments.

All Partech sensors:

  • Use infrared attenuation so they are sensitive enough for use on thin water treatment sludges.
  • Sensitive enough to detect low density solids before 'carry-over' to the next process stage occurs.
  • Are not  'blinded' by solids in the supernatant. 

Sensor Range

  • Soli-Tech 20v2 Sensors:
    • Available in 3 ranges
    • Have a machined housing offering excellent resistance to temperature and chemical attack.
  • Infrared Sensors:
    • Available in 4 ranges
    • Preferred sensors when fouling of the sensor 'gap' is an issue.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Supplied with the 8100 and 8200 Monitors to provide an alarm for high sludge blanket level
    • Supplied with the ASLD 2200 monitor to provide a continuous output signal.

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Partech is a leading manufacturer of online and portable water quality measuring equipment. This equipment is used across municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment, alongside general industrial effluent and surface water monitoring. Established for over 45 years Partech has become a trustworthy and reputable name in the industry, developing its core competence and initial offering of optical measurement into a portfolio of products that are designed and manufactured in Britain and established worldwide.

Accuracy and reliability are key with emphasis on a lower cost of ownership, environmentally friendly products and cost-saving. The innovative Partech electronics platform enables single or multiple measurements to be carried out through one monitor, saving on cost and making it simple, accurate and easy-to-use. Above everything Partech is known for our high customer service levels and quality control.

Link to Partech's website: www.partech.co.uk


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